Ordering Guide

Ordering Guide


All preview and master footage is available for purchase online, with delivery via download or hard drive.

Free Preview Downloads

Watermarked Preview Clips can be downloaded in the Quicktime H.264 format for offline editing or in-house preview purposes. The watermarked preview clips are subject to the term of the Comp License Agreement. The watermarked preview clips are NOT available to use for Academic Use or for any Public Display.

Once you have performed a Search and found clips you wish to download for preview, simply hover on the thumbnail and click the ‘Download’ icon Download Icon located beneath each clip. The clip will be saved to your desktop or download folder.

How to Order

Ordering footage for your project is simple. Just follow the steps below to: 1. Add Clips to the Cart, 2. Set Clip Pricing, and 3. Order Master Footage.

1. Add Clips to Your Cart
To order master footage, add the desired clips from either your Search Results or your Clipbin to your Cart.

Option 1: Click the ‘Add to Cart’ icon Cart Icon Option 2: Drag-and-drop the clip from the Search Results to the Cart Panel.

Please note you cannot drag clips from the Clipbin Panel to the Cart. Drag-and–drop only works when viewing the full Clipbin or Search Results page. Dragging a clip from the Clipbin or Cart panel will delete the clip.

2. Set Clip Pricing
Pricing can be set using the Pricing Calculator available from the Popup Movie or in the Cart. You access the Popup Movie by clicking the’ Info’ icon Info Icon on the thumbnail image from the Search Results or Clipbin pages. Once you have set terms for one Rights Managed clip or one Royalty Free clip, the terms will update for all other clips of the same category (Rights Managed or Royalty Free). These rates will appear for all clips in both the Popup Movie and your Cart. As Advertising rates vary significantly by geography, you will be prompted to place a Rate Quote or contact a Sales Representative to receive a rate quote for Advertising. For more information about pricing view the Pricing Guide.

How to Download

Once you have added your clips to your Cart and Set Clip Pricing, you are ready to place your Master Order.

Start by clicking Cart on the top menu bar.

Inside your Cart, if you still need to, you can use the Pricing Calculator to set or change License Use and Terms for clips in your Cart.

Next, set the Delivery Options for each clip in your Cart using the pull-down menus next to each clip.

When you are ready to Check Out, click on the “Place Master Order” button on the bottom of the page. You will be prompted to respond to questions regarding production title and description, Licensee and Billing information. Please fill out the form completely. Click the ‘Continue’ button and proceed to the Order Confirmation page. Review the details of your order, agree to the Licensing Agreement, Select payment type and click the ‘Confirm Order’ button. The next screen will ask you to provide your payment information. Fill out the form and click the ‘Checkout’ button.

Once your order is submitted, our servers automatically upload your footage for delivery. Once all of your clips have been uploaded to the server, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to download the video files. Most videos should be available to download in several minutes. If you are ordering a large volume of clips, then it may take 30 minutes to several hours. Once your clips are uploaded to our servers, our web system optimizes the delivery speed of the footage. If you have not received download instructions, and your order is URGENT, please follow up with a sales representative by calling +1-831-375-2313 or 1-866-375-2313 during office hours (Monday to Friday, 8a-6p PST) or emailing Support.

Download Instructions for Returning Customers: Once you have placed your order go to the ‘Orders’ page under the ‘Account’ menu and click download.

Download Instructions for New (first time) Customers: If you are ordering for the first time you will need to install the “Aspera Connect” download client onto your computer. This free software is required to complete the download of your order and provides a secure and fast transfer speed of the files. The first time you visit the ‘Downloads’ page a pop-up window will appear asking you to install this software.

We have provided .PDF instructions below for installing AsperaConnect on Windows and Mac systems and downloading your media. Please download the instructions onto your computer before proceeding with the installation process. Thank you.